Saturday, August 6, 2011

Doppler(2) effect

Almost every time I try to listen to a lecture (especially those pertaining to a different subject ex EDC, math etc) one thought never fails to pop up. Why am I doing this? How is listening to this stupid lecture gonna help me in anyway? Why is the education system stupid? Why does it make me read shit tht I wld never ever use in my entire life? Well the idea is to make our knowledge “round”. At least thts wht I think it is. I don’t know much abt round knowledge but I certainly believe tht it’s good to know stuff, even if it doesn’t help one in his/her work directly. I probably owe it to Doppler Effect. Doppler Effect is this effect that we read in our high school physics (11th grade). It deals with the change in observed frequency of waves when the source moves w.r.t the observer or vice versa (both can move simultaneously too). I was amazed when I came to know that this very same effect was used to determine the evolution of the universe.yup. our entire universe.

Doppler Effect states that the observed frequency changes when there is motion btwn source n observer. It states tht the frequency increases when they are moving towards each other and decreases when they are moving away from each other. The observed frequency can be identified by the formula



V is the velocity of waves in the medium

Vr is the velocity of the receiver relative to the medium; positive if the receiver is moving towards the source.

Vs is the velocity of the source relative to the medium; positive if the source is moving away from the receiver.

I still remember the way this effect was taught to me in high school. My teacher got the equation wrong and she tried to change the statement to fit the equation. It took a while for her to realize tht sth was wrong. She blamed the book, said it was incorrect n unclear. She gave us tips to remember the formula (“eppavume source keela varum observer mela varum. Enna maari thappa eluthatheenga ”) . She also said tht this was not tht important as there were more important questions in the same chapter. She asked us to remember the formula alone just in case they ask a problem for 2 marks. So I din really pay any attention to it either. I din read the uses section much. I knew it was used to measure the speed of a vehicle by traffic police. So when I came to know abt its other use I really was astounded.

We all know of Edward hubble and big bang theory. He said all galaxies are racing away from each other with a speed proportional to the distance between them. Hubble actually made use of Doppler effect to prove this. When he focussed the telescope on stars from other galaxies he observed a red shift in the spectrum, i.e. a decrease in frequency. He applied Doppler effect on light! Since light is a wave too.This means tht the source and observer are moving away from each other. He found tht all he could notice was red shift irrespective of the galaxy and the star he chose. This wld mean tht all galaxies are racing away from each other and if we look back in time they ll be racing towards each other and hence this shows that space is expanding.

Thus whenever I feel tht I m reading sth irrelevant (all subjects in the curriculum barring a very few), I automatically think of Doppler Effect. It made me believe that one can apply any theory onto anything as long as he/she finds the right analogy. Tht jack of all is actually better than king of one ..One good look at the applications of Doppler effect in wiki will give you an idea J.

Friday, April 2, 2010 first attempt at writin sth

april 2.2010
vignighton's thought process.
its been 4yrs are nearly in the same place since then.people who are not even half as smart as you hav got their Phd s.magnael got the nobel prize.Steven got hans bethe award and oerstead medal.but thts coz there were no other valid candidates.shut up. at least they got tht.wht did u do? why do u think u r better than them? .mmm.well i am.even they recognize me as the better one.but i h8 their F***in condescension.i ll hav to do sth.but i cant leave this.i hav been doin this for 4 yrs now.wht do i do?wait?change coz my cheese has moved?hope?'s voice "whatever you do enjoy ur life son.thts what life s for".now why did i think of my dad?how did i think of tht specific thing he told me?wow i din even know tht i knew of it.may be thts how the brain tends to search for info relating to hope on thinking of hope.n this is all i got??.thts not even related to how did i get here?.mmm.yeah i was thinkin of wht to do now? this is like the thousandth time you hav thought of this.this thought like ppl walking through a rugged path has smoothened ur brain of all creativity over the course of time.why cant i jus prove this thing.its not jus for me.its for the it wrong to hope tht the entire universe follows a pattern?why cant i crack it?maybe you think a lot more about crackin it than to crack it.ok then i ll now think to crack it.from scratch.well two things are at loggerheads to each other.i cant seem to unite them.ok.if i assume them to be united i need 5 dimensions.its better than 26 predicted by bosonic string theory.haha.but still there s one more the principle level.math relating to your theory supports super symmetry.but then ur theory requires tht there can be no equivalent fermion for certain bosons.this has been the root of the problem.these two cant occur simultaneously.well you hav thought of this more than a million times.its all deja vu.wht drives me to search along the same path in the same pattern .my lust for fame?nobel prize?to be the einstein of this century?nah if i crack this i ll be to einstein wht he was to newton.nope its sth more.its the belief tht universe follows a pattern.its in the nature.its in biology,chemistry,math ,computer science n hav believed so hard tht it made you hope tht u ll be able to crack it given ur iq of 170.but iq s got nothing to do wit s only as much worth as height in basket ball.u need to have a threshold level of wht do i do?hope tht i ll be the chosen one to unite the theories?or do sth else and be of some use to mankind.i always thought hope was a good thing.thts wht people hav taught experiences hav proven otherwise.maybe i opened the pandoras box of false hopes .and now the "hope" is actually to not hope.hope.hope.funny word hope.too feeble a word for such a powerful feeling.a vague probabilistic quantum feeling.ok.i hav decided.yes.once n for all.i quit.yeah.i here comes the easy a simple sub for a month.get a Phd.become a stanford prof.lead a simple life.

10 yrs l8r... Apr-2-2020
The Washington Post.
Theory of everything cracked at last!!!.
Hungarian Scientist vignighton proves tht there cant be a theory of everything.Scientists say its the physics version of the famous theory of incompleteness.its supposedly based on super symmetry and boson-fermion equivalent pair contradiction.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

ok.i have got to write sth.i hav to save my blog.why is writing so hard? i mean when i think of people who are happy without straining themselves ,of the many who come to my mind writers,poets are the first ones to be on the list.mainly coz writing does not need constant practice like athletics,study etc and comes by birth.writers do wht they are good at,they like it,they get paid for it and to top everything they become famous for it too!!(atleast wit the nerds).but after this undesirable lapse of mine which even prompted someone to laugh at it(yeah ravi sankar i m talking abt you.i don care all i hav got are 2 followers)i m starting to look at things differently.maybe they are not tht happy afterall.i mean they do get writer's block/stall or whatever they call it.once they become famous they hav got a reputation to maintain which is jus too can see this with sportsmen too.the pressure is too much to bear.this is exactly wht separates the good from the best.its one thing to be exceptional one time but totally another to be consistent in how come people succeed? .well i think its coz they don care abt it.i mean they ll definitely want it but not care abt it.then again this definitely is not always the case.i mean nuclear bomb and many other vital advancements happened at desperate times.Times when men were expected to deliver.there has not been much advancement in theoretical physics since 1930.this is one field where experimental results and technological advancements like telescope,high accuracy equipments etc can help only so other words i think this field is a measure of true ability of the mind.its the pressure moments tht bring out the true ability of humans.a boxer won know if his ribs are broken during the course of the fight.the mind would be so engrossed in the fight to actually care about it(yeah abt the broken ribs tht could be fatal).but pressure can cause disaters too.take germany,maybe it was not the only reason but it did play a part.take this my point is you cant make a solitary solid point.there is always two sides to a coin.birth and death.yin and get sth one has to give away sth.there cant be sth out of nothing.there cant be a "perfect soln" which solves i have gone way off course.typical av din complete wht he started but has written enough :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

well it has happened. y? probably coz all my friends have one n i wanna try.
i feel ppl will always go berserk if they are given a chance to speak up and my blog will surely be an example for it.
thts it for today.
hope i do this more often
you did not you loser